The First Post From a Sheep Man

Welcome to the first efforts in the blog jungle from a man with lots of thoughts and a desire to write. A book is in slow progress so this will be my way of share my thinking and at the same time improve, much needed, my writing.

Välkomna till de första staplade stegen i bloggjungeln från en man med många tankar och en önskan om att skriva. En bok är i vardande och detta blir mitt sätt att dela mina tankar och samtidigt förbättra mitt skrivande.

There will be an English category, as you probably discovered, is not my native language and a Swedish category, yes this means I’m Swedish. The AI or Bots does translate but not always does it in a good way. Writing in English will help me improve my ability to express myself in this language. I will cover a variety of subjects that catches my interest. The opinion and reflections I express here are my own colored by my experiences, knowledge and imagination. I do not claim to have the answers or the facts for the themes I will cover. I will put them out there as I see them, right or wrong. The will also be a lot of irony and attempts to play with the words and it will of coarse be more challenging in English. Hopefully you will also see this site evolve together with the writing.

In this Covid-19 pandemic Sweden are in the news in many counties and the debate is high if the Swedish strategy is a smart one or just plain stupid. I think future will tell as we have yet to see where this is going. Already the Captain Hindsight are lining up and telling loudly how it should have been done. It is really a tragedy with all the lives lost and maybe even more with the people suffering a long rehabilitation. All people working in the health care sectors are heroes always and not only now.

The Swedish strategy sums up in a way the Swedish mentality. Always try to walk to middle ground, get consensus, trust the institutions and blame it all on the government. It is a well proven strategy that Sweden used for almost 200 years, stay neutral. The result is one of the richest countries in the world with the largest middle classes. For sure there are issues, it is named Sweden, not Utopia or Paradise. Trying to get most people to a consensus takes time and can be frustrating but once you move you will move in a direction that most people can buy in to. In my mind this is what democracy is all about. Sure there are forces that drive to a more polarized society and thinks that there should be a strong leader who knows what is best for all. Decision will be faster, I admit, but the problem is that strong leaders tend to look out for them selves, their family and friends first. I actually believe that letting, and allowing, someone else to take the lead when needed is a good thing. Allowing this in spite of the possible critique of not leading shows great leadership in most cases. Yes it could also be a sign of weakness and inability. But is that not the real task of a leader to get others to grow. If you are a parent you know what I mean. You want your kids to be better off than you.

Always being close to nature is also one of the things that creates the Swedish mentality. The weather conditions and how we complain about it is another thing. Not ever being really satisfied is probably one of the drivers that made us to what we are as a people. If you really can speak of a Swedish people. In the shadow of the pandemic we see a revival of the national state and nationalism even if it was there already before. Countries shut down borders and regions in the name of reducing the spread. But is this the only reason for all leaders? Could the pandemic have been stopped before it started in a more open transparent world? The risk of a pandemic has been known for a long time and acknowledged be leaders all over the world but yet we were so unprepared. Lack of protective gear even for health care staff and especially those taking care of our elders. Yet when the shit hit the fan, got to love that expression, all governments were quick to implement measures that restricted peoples movements and freedoms, if they did not the critique came directly. I only hope that all these freedoms will be reinstated everywhere. We need to find a better way of living taking care of each other and mother Earth!

I live in the country side in one of the most beautiful areas in the world. I plan to show some of my pictures on this site in the future so LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you want to see them.

I hope you enjoyed, if read by anyone, this clumsy first attempt for a blog. If you did, like and subscribe.

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Writer of sorts with a soft spot for Photo. Writes about life and what comes into my mind.

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