Today I Posted my first guest blog on Rewoolation Studio and if you like to read it here is the link, Game On .

I am very humbled and proud that someone else likes what I write and ask me to write something for them. I was asked to write about games and programming where I have very little knowledge but from a user perspective. We are all users and one or two curse words have probably come across our lips when trying to get that computer to do our will? I have seen people get physical with the keyboard also! Never me, no,no, I am a very calm person.

In this article I write about something that I do know about, learning types or learning styles. These psychological aspects play a vital part in how we approaches and learn new things. Understanding this will help when you develop new games or software. It is also good to know for consumers and why we react the way we do when faced with learning new things. Please read it and I hope you enjoy it.


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