Coffee Pot

I put the kettle on for you. Boiled coffee that you like so much. Pored it in our best porcelain coffee pot. You know the one with the blue and brown decorations. The coffee cups and small plates for the chocolate cake you love. Just took it out from the oven, so it is still warm. This morning I also made gingerbread cookies.

Now I sit here in the garden. It is still warm in the late summer sun. I look at the horses out on the field and listen for the sound of your car. I stroke my hand over the tablecloth that you brought from the city last visit. It was so long ago. I suppose the studies keeps you busy. Now, that must be your car! I get up and walk to the side of the house. Oh, it was only a gust of the wind.

I put the coffee pot on the small side table on the porch. The sun is starting to set behind the hills and it’s getting colder. I take all the garden furniture in also, should it start to rain. Chase some flies of the cake before I put in the pantry. Sitting down in my chair I turn the radio on and take up my knitting. In the darkness I see the headlights from your car lighting up the wall.

Story from the abandoned house. Ha de Gött!


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  1. I can smell that coffee!

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  2. a beautiful realized flight of fancy tinged with melancholy; haunting 🙂

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