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Santa’s stable

Less than a month to Christmas so I took a tour to Santa’s stable. Rudolf was busy preparing the Christmas eve tour with the Alf’s so he had no time for photos. The Skogsren (Rangifer tarandus fennicus), Finnish forest reindeer is a rare subspecies to the reindeer. Native to Finland and north-western Russia. It is […]

Winter land

A winter wonderland for your Friday, ha de Gött!

Red Panda

More from Nordens Ark. This is the little Red Panda (Ailurus fulgens). Also known as the lesser panda. Native in southwestern China and eastern Himalayas bamboo forests. Bamboo shoots and leaves are the favourite food. Quite small between 50 and 60 centimetres, weighing 3 to 6 kilos. The Red Panda is considered to be an […]

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