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Perfoliate honeysuckle

Meet the fragrant beautiful climber, the Honeysuckle (Lonicera caprifolium). In Swedish “Kaprifol”. Climbs up to eight metres and spreads a lovely smell in the evening. You can look but you better not touch, the berries are poisonous. Not deadly but your last meal will exit the wrong way and your face will go very red. […]

Green Grass

It is sometimes hard to stick out in the crowd. Green is the envy and green is go. What would the flowers be without all the green. Ha de gött!


Somewhere in the limbo between sleep and awake he heard a loud, thump. The feeling that something was wrong brought him to fully awake. His wife was already out of bed, screaming, “he fell, he fell out of the bunk bed”. He looked to his side of the double bed. There his son laid on […]

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