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Under the name Ulle Haddock I write about things that catches my attention and my thoughts about life.

It has always been my desire to write. Swedish is my native language but I will also try to write in my second language English. There is a book slowly developing and I will share some on this site. Using an alias is only because I have a very common Swedish name!

I am a middle aged man living in one of the most beautiful places in the world, the North West Coast of Sweden. I love being close to the nature, the forest, the sea and the open fields. The area I live in has it all, going east you find deep forests to get lost in and to the west an archipelago with islands to explore, the sea to swim and fish in. Growing up in the city this like paradise on earth. As you probably figured out sheep has a special place in my heart. Recently I have developed an interest for photography. A quite old Canon EOS 500D and my mobile is the tools I use.

I lost my son in the summer of 2020. This influence my writing and I have even tried some poetry. It was my son that got me in to this so in a way it is a tribute to him. I post some of his work on the page Rewoolations.

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