Picture of my son at the island Killingen summer 2020. The sheep in my logo is drawn by him.

Here I will share some of the brilliant work from my son that passed away in the summer of 2020. He studied Computer science at Chalmers University of Technology in Göteborg, Sweden. He was a very skilled programmer and had been coding since he was fourteen years old. As a high school project he coded his own compiler.

Music was also a huge part of his life and he wrote music. Punk rock and Classical music! A song was published on Spotify, find it here.

Edvin plays Claire de lune by Claude Debussy at age 15.

At the age of 14 Edvin started to play church organ and at 16 he played Star Wars Theme to his entire school on graduation day junior high. Find it here.

Edvin plays his own classical music.

The classical music was designed to use in Video Games and presentations that he would put up for sale on his website. This was his dream for a website. Check out his YouTube channel here.

The song Mental Health was Edvins first attempt to sing. All instruments played, and mixing done by himself in his room. It describes his struggle like punch in the face.


  • I have a dream, that creators can find art and music.
  • I have a dream, that artists can sell their assets, find music and creators.
  • I have a dream, that musicians can sell music, find art or cooperation with a creator.

Creators, artists, musicians (and Green Day fans), welcome to paradise. Rewoolation Studio proudly presents the start of something new. A place that brings creators, artists and musicians together.

  • A forum where you can speak with each other to form relations and jobs. (Right here, right now).
  • A blog forum where you can post your inner thinking and read content from others.
  • A marketplace where creators and artists can buy music from musicians.
  • A design corner where creators and musicians can find art assets.
  • A team application area where you can assemble a team for your project.
  • And on the seventh day he rested.
  • I have a dream, join the fun right now!

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