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Dancing Queen

Like a white beacon in all the green. The hedge bindweed (Calystegia sepium) got my imagination going with its many English names. But first the Swedish name, “Snårvinda”. Connects to its growth place in bushes where it twines around another plants. Reaches up to four meters. It can be found all over the world in […]


The insects are so very important for the biodiversity. They are also often very beautiful like the flowers they pollinate. They can also bug you. Buzzing around your ears when all you’re interested in is having a beer and a cozy blogg reading in the shade. This beautiful little fellow is unknown to me. I […]

Just Bluebells

Can’t have to many pictures of this beautiful flower, Campanula rotundifolia. Ha de Gött!

Slow worm

The serpent, adder, snake, viper, has many names and in many cultures a bad name. This is not a snake but a legless lizard. The slow worm (Anguis fragilis) is sometimes also called deaf adder or blind worm. The eyes are small but fully functional. It can be found, in several subspecies, all over Eurasia. […]

Caucasian stonecrop

Not much information to find about this little plant, the Caucasian stonecrop (Phedimus spurius). In Swedish it’s called “Kaukasiskt Fetblad” that translates to fat leaf from Caucasus. The name probably has something to do with the thick moisture filled leafs. Needs well drained soil in a sheltered place with full sun. Ha de Gött!

What if

What if there were no name to places? All positioning was mathematically. Where do you live? Oh, I live at N58°, E11°. Would all territorial wars end? Or would we just fight over squares. What language would be? Or would we only communicate mathematically like computers. In ones and zeros, or hexadecimals. How about our […]


Yesterday morning I went for a walk in the forest to find some mushrooms. I decided to bring the camera. I was glad to see so many butterflies, but getting them to pose for the camera was quite a challenge. When they sit still on a flower to collect nectar with their proboscis they close […]


There is a Swedish expression “darra som ett asplöv” “tremble like an asp leaf”. It describes the aspen tree (Populus tremula) in an elegant way. The leafs from this fast growing tree easily trembles even in low wind speeds. The rustling sound has made me look out the window many times thinking it’s raining. It […]


The orange day-lily (Hemerocallis fulva) are in full bloom. This year more than ever. Perhaps the warm weather does the trick. It comes originally from Asia but are now grown in many gardens around the world. Can be very tall, up to 1,5 meters. It has gone rouge and is now considered an invasive species. […]


The little black and white grasshopper signed up, wanted to be a ‘copper’ to his dismay, all he got was a ticket had to go and see, the boring cricket Hop on, hop off, ha de Gött!


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