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The turquoise bridge reflecting in the calm water of Enningdalsälven, the Enningdal river. Just a kilometre downstream is the waterfall from my post earlier this week, find it here. The medium size river flows to the north, one of the few in Scandinavia. The nature is fantastic, I’ll be back, to quote Arnold. The 95 […]

Vagrant darter

So finally at the very end of the season I got one to sit still long enough. The dragonfly, Vagrant darter (Sympetrum vulgatum). In Swedish it’s “Tegelröd ängstrollslända” probably from its brick red color. Luckily there is a Swedish Dragonfly Society with an excellent web page so I could find out the species. Vagrant seems […]


The great spotted woodpecker (Dendrocopos major). As I was walking back to the car I heard it up in the trees. It sounded very annoyed with my presents but, even so I stopped to see what it was. With some carefully chosen words to myself for leaving the zoom lens in the car I stood […]


The power of nature becomes evident in a waterfall. The roaring mixes with rippling sound as the water goes over the edge. You can smell the moisture that fills the air all around, feel it in your face. The fascinating swirling of water drops as they are tossed up and falling back on the way […]

Family affair

One of the things I love with autumn is all the mushrooms that popps up among the falling leafs. You can pass the same spot one day and the next day they suddenly appear. A few days later they are gone again. They seem to like growing close together, even crowded. The variation in structure […]

Near and Far

So mysterious it sits there in the night sky. Sunbathing, casting just a glimpse of light in the dark. So near, so far. Poetry, songs, stories, horror, hope, longing, envy. Mind provoking since ancient times. Guiding travelers across land and sea, a friend. Like a cheese full of holes. Knocked about and bombarded by the […]


Through the eye of the needle. What can you see. Through the eye of the needle. What will fit. Through the eye of the needle. What will thread. Through the eye of the needle. What’s on the other side Through the eye of the needle. Camel or man. Sometimes better not knowing, ha de Gött!


This weekend was the start of the moose hunting season. Better stay out of the forest for a while. My father-in-law told me there was a veterans tractor day not far from home. I grabbed the camera and joined him. It was a pleasant surprise to see all the tractor models from my childhood. Some […]


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