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On fire

The haze created this mysterious light as the sun was setting. Been struggling with Mr Delete whether to keep or scrap. What do you think? Not deciding is also a decision, ha de Gött!


Roses for your Friday, ha de Gött!

Sheep talk

We had a nice chat but not all were interested. They ware more interested to see if I had any goodies in my backpack or if my clothes was edible. Say what you mean and mean what you say, ha de Gött!

Carlsten Fortress

In mid 1800 Carlsten was considered the strongest fortress in Europe. Placed on the island Marstrand rock 39 meters over sea level and, with its tower reaching 98 meters it’s an impressive building. Construction began in 1658 after the peace treaty between Sweden and Denmark-Norway where Denmark-Norway had to surrender Bohuslän to Sweden. Marstrand was […]


Shadow and light, as life to the end relentless, tick, tramp contrast existence, good and bad Seek the light, walk fearless is the end dark and nothingness let light guide you to the door knock and walk right in Good and bad times in life, only wish good times lasted a bit longer, ha de […]

Pater Noster

The lighthouse Pater Noster outside Marstrand island in south Bohuslän. It was built in 1868 and served until 1977 when it was replaced by a modern lighthouse at Hätteberget. In July 2002 the 33 meter high tower was lifted from its foundation and moved to Götaverken in Göteborg for an extensive renovation. In 2007 it […]


Gates shut you out or let you in, a sign of power and status. Colorful or plain. Artistic ornamentation to hide the secrets within. Strong heavy gates, enter with fear and respect. Dare to use the door knocker. Pictures from Helsingör, Denmark. Choose wisely, who to shut out and who to let in, ha de […]

Golden fields

Golden field of barley outside Tvååker in Halland region, Sweden. Reap what you sow, ha de Gött!

The slip

Slip of the tongue a comment landing wrong wish I could control my slippery slope of a tongue a pun went sour excuses for an hour wish I could control my slippery slope of a tongue a frog left my mouth now I’m heading south wish I could control my slippery slope of a tongue […]


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