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A little tale from the past.

Thin Ice

Tread carefully on the thin ice. It will not carry more than little mice. So thin and frail. You better take another trail. Don’t forget to like, subscribe and comment. Thanks for visiting. Ha de Gött!

Frozen Pond

The frozen pond. A micro cosmos in the hills. Waterhole for birds, deer, moose and foxes. Habitat for insects (or bugs from outer space). Different types of moss, grass, bushes and even trees all depend on the water in these ponds. I just love the colors in this picture. Hope you like, subscribe and comment. […]


Nuances in blue and gray. Grows on a steep cliff. Like a soft carpet covering the hard granite. It has found the perfect spot in the northeast shade. Sheltered from sun and salt winds. There are over 2000 types of lichen in Sweden and 20 000 to 30 000 in the world. It is not […]


Hidden in the forest it has docked. The stem from the fallen pine is now the base camp. Little green men in disguise. Why are they here? Only to spy on us by placing bugs? Preparations for a future invasion or filming a reality show? What do you think? UFO or just a forest fungus? […]


I made a satire play, it was a hit. You just screamed, bullshit. I asked if we could talk. You just said, take a walk. I just try, to be heard. You punch me and screamed, nerd. I speak the truth, give me a break. You just yelled, it’s FAKE. I tried to make a […]


Yesterday I showed a picture of a twisted pine. Molded like a Bonsai tree by nature. Just a few meters away I found this crawling fir. It is very unusual for the fir tree to set root in these conditions. They need more of the soil. This fir found its own way to manage the […]


Natures own Bonsai tree. Molded by the wind. Cut down by dry summers. Growing during wet spring. Sturdy and proud it prevails. Roots pressing down in the cracks of the rock. The pines are fascinating. Even in the smallest piece of soil they set their roots. They survive in the harsches conditions. Drop their cones […]


Flowing water so full of life. Pooring down the slope. Grinding way for new. Fast like drops in a waterfall. Stopped to a halt by the cold, so cold. Iced memories. Still, like a photo. Thawing my frozen heart. Please don’t forget to like, subscribe and comment. Ha de Gött!


The pine cone pining to fall. Pining to be carried to rich soil. Pining to get away from the parent pine tree. Why does it settle for so little? In the Pine Tree Valley I could be a giant. I just spent two days taking down two giant, no monster, pines with the chain saw. […]


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