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Small tortoiseshell (Aglais urticae) is one of the most common butterflies. It can be found all over Eurasia. This early spring moth survives the winter as a fully developed butterfly. It manage this by hibernating in sheltered places. Peoples housing is perfect and the survival rate is high with the help of leaking warmth. Even […]


Unfolding green snort and sneeze CO2 to O itchy red eye soothing shade anti-histamine food and shelter flooding nose Yes, spring is here. Flowers and nature bursting in nuances of green. Full of fantastic pictures waiting to be taken. If I just could see through my watering eyes. I have an allergy to pollen. Luckily […]

Keys of May

Yellow and golden like the spring sun. The Cowslip (Primula veris) also called common cowslip. The English name does not make it justice but it is often found in ground where cows graze. Think I like the Swedish name Gullviva better. Could be translated into spring gold. My wife call them keys of may (I […]


Free like a bird fly where ever you want soaring the winds up high sun kissed wings What, no service on this flight gizzard is empty, scream freedom gone, got to land dump excessive weight on a bald Should have listen take the full coarse attention stopped after taking off now I wish to be […]


It flew past me, real close, form behind. Sounding its characteristic jarring sound right over my head. Even if I almost filled my pants with fear I managed to get this shot. The large black Raven (Corvus corax) is a mythical bird. It has a very central role in the Vikings mythology. The god Odin […]

Gray Heron

The Gray Heron (Ardea cinerea) walks along the beach with its long legs. Stretching the long neck, looking for something to eat. Can be found in most parts of Europe, Asia and Africa. Ha de Gött!

Gentle and Wild

Ocean so blue and calm. Gentle and still for recreation and fun. Rock you in the rolling waves. Invites to sit and listen to the sound of silence. Only broken by a screaming seagull. A boat passing by. Fishermen out to harvest the rich gifts of the giant blue. Smell the salty breeze, filling your […]


In times you are distant and cold. Just stands there like a black orb. Then I open you up. Light you up, turn you on. Set you on fire. Get you flaming hot. Your passion burn my eyes. My skin. I inhale your every scent. Your flaming smoking hot gases. Gently place the flesh to […]


Strong connected hold friendship don’t drift astray attach to something an anchor point


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