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Common Crane

A pair seeking food in the wet grass, keeping a close watch of the photographer. The common crane (Grus grus) is large bird with long legs and neck to be able to seek food in shallow waters. Usually they gather in large flocks during spring for their mating dance. Guess these two skipped that part.…

Cycle of horror

Now once again I find myself in this terrible predicament a weight of the world on my sloping shoulders pulse banging hard and fast shivering breath and pearls of sweat three times of every year this cycle of horrific fear one of the those repeating event I need to find my wife a present One…


Things around falling apart everything looks bleak and dark when outlook is crashing down giants eats the light around don’t worry, everything will be fine I’ll just put the kettle on Tea fixes everything, ha de Gött!

Leaking boat

I wonder what to write often this inner fight should I write a quote or an ode to a leaking boat brighten up my life an poem of love to my wife full of speed a sonnet and stick it to my bonnet Sail away on a sea of words, ha de Gött!

Swan day

Two swans passing over the calm sea in the early spring morning. Ha de Gött!

Little Red Hut

Little red hut by seaside discrete was anything but Hold on it will clear up, ha de Gött!

Hear hear

Sometimes we get it wrong too much information to the loo he enthusiastically admired Per in wrinkles doesn’t make sense I’ll go and look for some periwinkles, toodle-oo. Ha de Gött!


Colourless in the snow The dead oak tree Refusing to fall Resilient and beautiful Stretching branches to the universe A fading memory Ha de Gött!


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