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I don’t like to make a big fuss. But here I present some green moss. Today my mind went blank. So I find something in my picture bank. Anticipate and long for spring. It’s not so far away, that’s the thing. Long to see leafs so green. For now this is all to be seen. […]

Great tit

The Great tit (Parus major) is a friendly and bold little bird. Feed it daily and it will eat from your hand. Like to make noise, specially early spring, and can make around 40 different sounds. Don’t forget to like, subscribe and comment. Ha de Gött!


Branches back and forth Brain winding deep Shadow, seeking sun Cloudy contemplation, clear mind Winding down, blowing limb Winding thoughts, mind blowing Forced down, striving up Dark synapses, bright ideas Yesterday I posted a poem and picture of a winding tree. John Malone inspired me to write another today, thank you. If it doesn’t make […]


Indecisive tree Afraid of what could be Should it grow tall Make the others look small A branch to north To what that’s worth A branch to south To hear a shout A branch to east See the feast Never to the west Wind over the crest Indecisive tree Beautiful can’t you see Hope you […]


Today I serve some bio diversity fungus with green moss. Plated on a pine stump. Please enjoy and don’t forget that like button. Subscribe and comment. Ha de Gött!


Life throws you some punches now and then as I have written about here in my blog. But when I look trough my pictures and see what a beautiful place I live in I feel privileged. To be able to go outside walk a few hundred meters, climb a hill and see this. Hope you […]


There on the beach lies the shells of, what some call a delicacy. The Oysters, Clams and Lagoon Cockle. The oysters from Skagerack is considered to be the best. I’m not biased, eating a mollusc is over my limit. It is not only food for humans. It is also an important part of the ecosystem […]


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