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True Lover’s Knot

This unusual looking flower has a beautiful name, True Lover’s Knot but is also called Herb Paris (Paris quadrifolia) and is as one of the names suggests, a herb. In Swedish it’s called ‘Ormbär’ and had a bit of a bad reputation in the old folklore. Growing in the dark forest grove and it’s unusual […]

Baby fern

Baby fern slowly unfolding to meet the summer sun. Don’t be mean, be green. Ha de Gött!

Pit stop

Full speed ahead A Happy Meal roadside Eat, get your toy Sounding brum, brum in backseat Out the window, bored Now, stuck in pit stop Without a crew Slow down and breath, ha de Gött!

Shimmering sea

The Sea Was Never So Shimmering, (så skimrande var aldrig havet) as iin the song by Evert Taube. Evert Taube (1890 – 1976) was, or still is, one of Sweden’s most respected poets and singer song writer. A national poet deeply embedded in the Swedish national identity. If you play a song by him all […]


Svalört (Ranunculus ficaria) or Pilewort. Using the Haddock straight translation from Swedish this becomes ‘Cool herb’. Pretty cool for a Thursday flower. Stay cool, ha de Gött!


According to WordPress this is my post number 500. To write about milestones makes perfect sense. Milestone originates back to the Roman Empire where they used them to mark the distance to Rome. Between each pole shaped stone, miliaria, the distance was one thousand dubbel steps, mille passus, approx 1483 meters. In Sweden they were […]


It can be hard to stay calm and trust yourself when a flock of cows run towards you. Each weighing 500, up to 800 kilos. Golden rules are, too check your escape route, never walk trough a flock and look the leader, the alpha cow in the eyes. If you start to run you better […]

Spring blue

This strange shaped herb, Blåsuga (Ajuga pyramidalis) or pyramidal bugle can be up to 20 centimeters. It has large green leaves at the ground and uses ants to spread. Likes open rocky grassland and can be found all over northern Europe. Flower power, ha de Gött!


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