Photo on the go!

Today it is easy to always bring your camera as one of the benefits is that you can use it to make phone calls, check your E-mails or check some fact on the web. I love this opportunities to take pictures of the nature around me, in fact all pictures you see on this site are my own taken with a mobile phone camera. Not the fanciest or most expensive one, but quite an ordinary model.

My pictures have not been altered in any other way than cropping to get closer. I find it better to take the picture without zooming and then zoom in in a simple editor. Usually you manage better stability and avoid blurring. Instead of working with filters and other effects I try to just use natures own lighting. As I live close to the ocean this comes for free.

As you take your walks you will find the motives without looking for them carrying a heavy camera with a large objective, that is another type of photography and I leave that to others. Nature is my main focus as I spend lots of time in the outdoors but lately I have tried also take pictures of man made structures. So like and subscribe and I might share these with you in the future.

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