I wrote a post about how I like to take photos with my Mobile phone camera and I got a lot of likes from other bloggers that like photography. I have checked their blogs and tips with great joy. They have inspired me to look at the possible motives in a new way. So thank you, and everybody else. I hope you enjoy these pictures.

On the islands of the coast the wind is the most magnificent sculptor and since many of the islands are uninhabited and difficult to access there is very little human impact. Look at the pine to the left, it has found a place to grow in very little soil, stubbornly pushing its roots under the rock to find water. The tree to the bottom right is one of my favorites twisting so much it has grown over an old branch of the same tree. Even with many branches dead this tree is still alive standing on the west side of the island, a true survivor.

One of the tips was to use the portrait mode when taking scenic pictures and I have experimented a bit with it. It is a bit more difficult as you need to stand close to the object in foreground but as you see in pictures above the colors gets deeper when taking a picture in a very bright summers day by the ocean. I will keep experimenting and learn more even if my family sighs every time I stop to take a picture laying down or bending over backwards to get that perfect angle. If you like to follow my progress, or downfall, please like and subscribe. Tips and comments are most welcome!

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