Travel has been restricted this year so I will share some old travel memories instead. I think many of you has a favorite city to travel to. I have several but if I must choose one it will be Vienna or Wien in German. Capital of Austria in the middle of Europe. If you are interested in history, architecture or classical music this is the place to go. With many restaurants and cafes it is the perfect weekend holiday for those who just like to take walks, do some shopping, sit in a cafe or have a nice dinner.


When I go to a larger city I like to travel by public transport. Vienna probably has the best in the world. Even if you stay in a hotel in the suburbs it is easy to go in to the city center with S-Bahn (Commuter trains). In the city you can go with the excellent U-Bahn (Subway), bus or Strassenbahn (Tram). The tram network is the largest in the world. Once in the city center it is mostly walking distance. Always make sure you have good shoes in the city.


Just walking around in the city with many historical buildings and parks is enough pleasure if you are on a tight budget. As the city has been the center for one of the larges kingdoms in central Europe there are may castles to visit. One you must not miss is Schönbrunn that you easily reach by U-Bahn. The castle has 1600 rooms and a garden worth visiting by its own right.


Mozart, Beethoven and Strauss are composers connected to Vienna. Or way not Ultravox with the song Vienna. There are may possibilities to hear music or opera in the city. It is always a good idea to book in advance but not needed as tickets are sold all over the city. The many churches have also organ concerts and if you are lucky someone might sit and practice while you visit. Yes the churches are worth a visit and the grandest of them all is the Stephansdom.

If the family has different interests it is not a problem. In the city center you will find shopping streets, cafes and restaurants for those not in to museums and churches. A visit to a cafe is a must if you have a sweet tooth like me. The pastries you can get! A pick nick in a park a warm day is also highly recommended. I could go on and on but I suggest you go there yourselves when this pandemic is over.

I have visited the city twice. The first time I was young and on my first Eurail ticket. We stayed in a simple pension just outside the city center. We had planned to stay for two days but liked it so much we stayed almost a full week. Second time was twenty five years later with my family. As my son plays grand piano, church organ and classic guitar this was quite an experience for him. He composes his own music that you can find here.

Next city on the list is close call between Berlin or London so I will see if I can decide. Until then do not forget to like, subscribe, share and comment. Also check out other posts from me.

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  1. my son lives in Vienna with his family. We have been over there twice to see them. We stayed for two weeks each time. It is a beautiful city with plenty to do

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