You walk around in a haze. Trying hard not to bump into other people. Watch your step! Forget it, your feet are gone in a fog that makes the area around a chain smoker look clear. Should you by any change see through the mist, your sight will be blocked by something blue or white sticking out over your nose.


You try to breathe. Like a steam train pulling to many wagons loaded with iron ore. Or high up in the mountains carrying your skis in deep snow for that offpist. You try, oh well not so difficult in the fog, to avoid the young peoples pitiful eyes. They look at you with “are you having a heart attack old man” written in the question mark over their heads.

Don’t try to speak. The stubble on your cheeks will pull it down. You try to adjust it. Only to get an angry look from the old lady in front of you. “No you should not touch it” she says with a high-pitched voice that makes the damp on your glasses freeze. At least the fog went away. Now everything looks much more psychedelic. What was it really in that coffee?


You stumble of the train. As soon as you are alone you rip it of with a sigh of relief. Only to see your expensive glasses go to the ground. The spectacle sidepiece stuck in the lace of the FACE MASK! You put on your spare spectacles on only to see a lady in the next car get out and easily put the mask on. She wants to look good so she uses a car window as a mirror to adjust it. Four pair of eyes from inside looks up with a very surprised expressions.

No I will not take a stand for or against Face Masks but tomorrow I will get contact lenses. If I can find my way home! Hope you enjoyed. You know the drill, like, comment and subscribe.

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