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A guiding star in my life has always been learning. A day spent without learning something new, is a day wasted. I have not yet wasted a single day. You learn new things everyday but often don’t realize it. It is a question of keeping an open mind and being curious. Some people see mistakes as a failure and I pity them. I always told my children that it is no use making mistakes if you don’t learn from them.

Sometimes you set out to try and learn something new, and for me it has been photography. I have taken some online courses and got a lot of tips from my father-in-law. Mostly I just clicking away thinking it is only 10 000 hours, or in this case 10 000 pictures, between the amateur and the pro. So I show you some pictures from the same spot taken in early November last year and last weekend, some 1 000 pictures later. What do you think, any progress? For best view go to my site. Old/New.


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  1. I’m not into photography (shaky hands mean I can’t take a decent picture) but I do love your photos.

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