Hard working

For many people summer means lacy days in the sun or in the shade. But for the insects summer is a busy time. So also for this Small tortoiseshell (Aglais urticae). It was a challenge to get a good shot as the wind was moving the flowers, while the butterfly collected nectar in super speed. Moving fast from one clover to another.

Ha de Gött!


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  1. love the phrase, ‘the lacy days of summer’ ; great shot, Ulle 🙂

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  2. Great shot! I love your observation that summer is so busy for some. Last night the kids and I read a book about ants – their amazing communities and how they’re all born to a specific task within that community and how they all work for the good of the community. They’re certainly busy little critters!! Although the book did observe, they enjoy a micronap! 🙂

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  3. Perfect shot Ulle !
    Have a nice day,

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  4. A stunning photo Ulle!

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  5. Beautiful image capture, Ulle! Butterflies are my favorite!

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