The insects are so very important for the biodiversity. They are also often very beautiful like the flowers they pollinate. They can also bug you. Buzzing around your ears when all you’re interested in is having a beer and a cozy blogg reading in the shade.

This beautiful little fellow is unknown to me. I think it is some kind horse-fly or even a small butterfly. The small ones is a small bee that can hoover in the air.

Don’t kill insects just because you can. They are needed for our survival. The more insects we exterminate the more pandemic’s will we see in the future. Ha de Gött!


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  1. love the humor in this, Ulle: I can picture you reading a post on WordPress while a bug is bugging you 🙂 also appreciate your concern to let the insects be —

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  2. Hi Ulle, this is the “Sint Jans vlinder” (Dutch name) or in English “Six-spot burnet” (Zygaena filipendulae)

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  3. I love bees, and I hate killing insects, even accidentally. They are so important to the ecosystem.

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