Peacock Butterfly

It has been avoiding me all summer, but finally I got a decent shot. The Peacock butterfly (Inachis io). For some reason the latin name is different in the English (Aglais io) and Swedish (Inachis io) version of Wikipedia. The common names does not differ to much. In Swedish it is called “Påfågelsöga” that translates to “Peacocks eye”. The name comes from the distinctive eye like mark on its wings. These marks is similar to the marks of the Peacock bird. No peacocks in Sweden, so you will have to use a search engine close to you to find a picture. If you do live in a region with those magnificent birds you are more than welcome to share.

Puff up your feathers, ha de Gött!


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  1. Beautiful photo.🙂👍

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  2. it’s a lovely shot, Ulle: what a handsome devil he is 🙂

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