The Gorge in Havstensund is 100 meters long, 10 meters deep and less than one meter wide. By the locals it’s called “Koppraklöva”. “Klöva” is dialect word meaning gap or gorge. “Koppra” comes from the store that was in front of the entrance. The membership owned store, “Kooperativa Förbundet”, closed many years ago but the name stays on.

It’s possible to walk through if you you’re not pregnant or had to many beers in your belly. You need to be equipped with strong nerves squeezing through while wishing that the rocks hanging over your head will stay there. It is like a shadow hanging over me.

Drop a comment if you got the famous song reference, ha de Gött!


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  1. More narrow a gorge can’t be ! Very impressive with the stones hanging up high.

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