Fishing port

The small port in the fishing village Resö a cold winters day. Thermometer showing -4°C but with the wind at gale strength coming in from northeast the cold effect is -10°C. The hardships of the fearless photographer.

The small village shares its name with the island it’s situated on. 170 people live here year around but in summer this number goes up significantly. The trawl fishing boats gets crowded by leisure boats in the sheltered harbor. The island is also accessible by a narrow winding road. Here is also one of the ‘gates’ to the first national marine park in Sweden, Kosterhavet National Park.

This little squirrel also live in Resö.

Keep warm, wear Long Johns, ha de Gött!


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  1. Minus four! The villagers must be Reso-urceful.

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  2. hahaha; that is cold; it is hard to photograph cold in the absence of telling factors like ice, snow …..

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