The small island Tjärnö with a view to the northeast. Behind the island lie the Kosterfjord. Kosterfjord is not really a fjord but a deep underwater valley with a depth of 250 meters. On the Tjärnö island is also a marine biological research center linked to the University of Gothenburg. It’s open to the public so they can learn more about the unique environment in the Kosterfjord.

I struggled a bit to get the color saturation right as the thick clouds hardly let any light through. At first the picture came out very blue. Even if it was cold it was not that cold and I wanted the picture a bit warmer. Now I hope it’s reflecting -3°C and no wind.

Don’t be blue, connect. Ha de Gött!


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  1. Minus three; practically tropical! 😂

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  2. I love the way you wrap your merry little mottoes around interesting facts 🙂

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