New and Old

The new Svinesund bridge over Idefjorden that marks the border between Sweden and Norway. Since Norway is not part of the European Union it is also an outer border for the EU. The bridge was built between January 2003 and was finished in May 2005. It’s a arc bridge with a length of 704 meters. The arc is 247 meters and has a sail free height of 55 meters.

Turning 180 degrees from my standpoint at the old ferry harbor we find the old Svinesund bridge. Building of the bridge was started in 1939, but the Nazi invasion of Norway in April 1940 put a stop to the construction work. Instead both sides armed the almost finished bridge with mines and in 1942 a massive explosion on the Swedish side almost destroyed the bridge. Inauguration was finally in June 1946. With a length of 420 meters and a sail free height of 65 it’s an impressive beauty.

Build bridges and keep the borders open, ha de Gött!


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  1. Both bridges are beautiful but to be honest, I like the old one the most.
    Have a nice weekend and many greets.

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  2. beautifully designed bridges, Ulle; I admire their skeletal simplicity, their sinuous strength —

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