Santa’s stable

Less than a month to Christmas so I took a tour to Santa’s stable. Rudolf was busy preparing the Christmas eve tour with the Alf’s so he had no time for photos.

The Skogsren (Rangifer tarandus fennicus), Finnish forest reindeer is a rare subspecies to the reindeer. Native to Finland and north-western Russia. It is larger than the semi-domesticated common reindeer. Between 180 and 220 centimetres long. Adult male weighing up to 250 kilos while the female weighs about 100 kilos. Rarely seen by humans as it thrives in the dense Taiga, or Boreal, forests. This beautiful animals that stood model for Disney are near extinction.

Be a dear to someone for Christmas, ha de Gött!


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  1. hahaha; love the comment Ulle, and the photo 🙂 sad about the fate of the Finnish forest reindeer though —

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