A Harbour Seal (Phoca vitulina) taking a sunbath in the bleak Christmas eve sun. In Swedish it’s called ‘Knubbsäl’ that translates back to ‘chubby seal’. I hope I’m not offending them when I suggest it’s a quite fitting description. This one is probably a pup.

These seals, also known as Common Seal, can be found along temperate and artic coastlines in the northern hemisphere. It’s not endangered except for in the Baltic Ocean. Can get as tall as 1,8 meters and weigh up to 170 kilos. They achieve that BMI (Body Mass Index) by eating a solid fish diet. Clumsy on land but an excellent swimmer that can dive down to 200 meters of depth. They can stay under water for 30 minutes by slowing down the heart rate.

Seal on, ha de Gött!

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  1. looks kind of lonely 😦

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