Common Eider

I’m not much of a bird photographer, too impatient, but this group of common eider (Somateria mollissima) was keen models. They swam back and forth as if they liked to be in the frame. The males are black and white with a colourful head while the female are dressed in all shades of brown. It’s a large bird with weight up to 3 kilos and up to 70 centimetres in length. This fast flyer, can fly up to 110km/h, live in large flocks and nest close to the sea. The nest is lined with eiderdown plucked from the female’s breast. In Swedish it’s called ‘Ejder’ and the pronunciation is almost same as in English. Also know as St. Cutbert’s duck or Cuddy’s duck.

Quack on, ha de Gött!

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  1. a lovely photo, Ulle and comment: Quack on indeed 🙂

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