This very special Swedish word does not have a translation in any other language. Google Translate suggests “Moderate” or “just right” and I think “just right” comes the closest. Not to hot and not to cold, just right. The portion of food is not to much, not to little, just right amount. His point of views are not to much right neither to left, somewhere in the middle.

If there is one word that defines Sweden as a nation this is it.

Swedish Flags

In Sweden it is very important to reach consensus when making decisions. All angles must be heard and preferably satisfied. Compromise is King! Not really the king, his name is Carl XIV Gustaf. But there is a compromise right there. We are a democracy so the king does not have any formal authority. This lays with the parliament, Riksdagen, and the government, Regeringen. It is written in to the constitution that “all power emanates from the people”. So basically the King is just a well paid PR guy. Both republicans and monarchists are equally happy and dissatisfied.

I have had many managers from the US going blue in their faces when they realize they cannot take a decision or fire someone without a negotiation with the Trade Unions. So these laws are created to have a balance of power (lagom) in business. We build high rise buildings but not skyscrapers. We have the largest middle class in the world.


There are three fat levels for milk, 0,5, 1,5 and 3%. Can you guess what the best selling level is? Yes you are correct, 1,5% Mellanmjölk, semi-skimmed milk. The highest selling coffee is Mellanrost, medium roasted. There was even a Mellanöl, medium alcoholic beer that was so popular they banned it and renamed it Folköl, Peoples beer.

Lagom number of cows!

Even if this has changed over the last ten or so years it still defines out way of life. Has this strategy been good or bad? I cannot tell but it has been well over 200 years since Sweden were at war. It is top fifteen richest countries in the world 2020, GNP per Capita. We have one of the largest middle class in the world. For sure there are problems and things we struggle with. Some will frown at this text and say we are to naive in many cases. But who is perfect?

Welcome to Sweden, the country of Lagom! We put a smile on your face, but not to big. Like, subscribe and please comment.

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  1. Exactly! This is how it is here in Sweden.

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