Why does everything need to go so fast today?

We drive too fast on the roads causing accidents. Accidents puts everything to a full stop. Waiting for the emergency service. Lives lost, long recovery for the survivors. For what! To save a few seconds by overtaking old aunt McDonald.

Speedy car

Banging that keyboard in frustration waiting for that site to load. Now we talk about seconds! Chasing deadlines. It must be ready by yesterday otherwise we loose business. We must produce faster with less people. Why? To accumulate more money, to buy that second luxurious car or boat. Most money when you die win!?

Does this need for speed makes us happy? Or do we try to outrun the darkness? There are only two things that are absolute in our life. We are born and we will die. The amount of time between those certainties we do not know, fortunately.

Why do we like go fast? Is it only the need to get from point A to B as fast as possible? Do we seek the thrill in speed? So many sports has speed as the indicator for success. Not only motor sport but also sports like downhill skiing. The risk of getting seriously injured or even to die seems to attract many.


Even a slow game like chess sometimes uses time as an indicator. Do we always need to appoint a winner? Do we bring this into our daily life where we compete to have a nicer car than our neighbor? If someone wins must there not be one or more looser?

For sure there are things that need speed. Saving that harvest before the rain, catching that train running on a timetable or emergency services responding to a call. But take some time to relax have a coffee or tea and just feel the world spinning, read a blog or a book. If your team does not meet that deadline the result might be even better!


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