A Sheep Video

As I read other peoples blogs I get inspired to try new things. So here it goes a Video, or really a slide show! I hope it works.

Photos by Ulle Haddock. Music Breaking Free by Edvin Leander ©.

The sheep you see in the slide show is Bruno, Dos, Tress and Mojäng. They don’t really want to stay behind the fence. Often they run away and eat good stuff in the gardens around. They are therefore sentenced to spend the summers on a small island. It is named Killingen but we call it Alcatraz. Now they are back on the main land for the season so lets hope they don’t run away and eat my wife’s flowers.


Hope you like it so please, like, subscribe and comment.

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  1. Nice video. Your sheep are real gourmets, they know very well what is tasty 🙂 Keep an eye on them or your wife will make sheep ragout … LOL

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