She always stood out just for her different color. Not that the others picked on her but nobody else looked quite like her. Maybe that was why her mother treated her differently. Shielded her from the others. That just made her more rebellious and determined to go her own way. She soon found out that she had a couple of followers. They just followed her around even if she did the craziest things.

What’s in the bag? Something for us? Photo by Ulle Haddock©

Soon she found the enclosure to small and tried to find ways to escape together with her two friends. The farmer was not to pleased when the neighbors called and told her that her sheep was in their garden eating the flowers. So what, she had a thing for pretty flowers. Well not to watch, to eat. Roses was especially good. The trick was just to avoid the thorns and that, she was really good at.

Okay, I’ll eat the boring grass!

After several escapes from the pasture they were sentenced by the farmers court to spend their summers at an island in the sea. She tried to swim but her legs and feet were to thin. As soon as the wool was wet it weighted her down. The only thing they could say was baa, as loud as possible! It only took them a few days to explore the island and then it got a bit boring.


One day people came with a boat that they could jump onto. The humans screamed when their feet made marks on the polished boat decks. After kicking and pushing them off the boat they went away really fast. A really tasty pick-nick basket, especially the basket was the price.

Next time was a family in small boats, kayaks, that put up a tent. It was quite tasty even if they had some belly-ache for a few days. The kayakers also went away reel fast. People are strange. They get red in their face when you eat their stuff!

They soon realized that it was best to stay out of sight until the boat people set everything up and then surprise them. Like the couple sunbathing without any fur. Screaming they went into the water. Tasty towels and swim suits even if it was not much. She was now queen of the island!

Queen Bruno. Photo by Ulle Haddock©

Find more pictures of the runaway sheep here. Hope you enjoyed this little story then don’t forget to like, subscribe and comment. Ha de Gött!

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  1. I enjoyed this little romp of a tale 🙂

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  2. So funny, this story. It was a pleasure to read it.

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