The house

This was the latest he said. Everything was prepared and just shipped to the site on a truck, even the doors and windows. The salesman put up a dental commercial smile. They were actually a bit surprised when he didn’t pull up that toothpaste tube. Instead he pushed the contract forward on the table for them to sign. To make sure they didn’t read to close he offered more coffee. Again with that perfect smile he spent a full week perfecting at the sales training.

Photo by Ulle Haddock©

The couple looked at each other as to seek confirmation. He had been promoted to manager and with that he earned more money. Now was the time for that dream house on the west coast. Everything was prepared. A piece of land and a permit to build was granted from the county. The only problem was that the road was not able to carry a loaded lorry. They solved that by delivering the parts to the small village across the fjord. Then they simply loaded into rowboats and rowed across to the small beach. It was put there in a perfect order just waiting to be assembled.


But it was never built. Nobody came to put it together. Days turned into weeks. Then into months and into years. A storm took the tarpaulin to the sea. Now nature had free access. Rain, snow and wind. Somebody did move in, but not humans. The tidy pile of building material became home to insects. Insects that started feast of the trusses and the window frames. Finally ants found a perfect spot for their empire. A tree grew next to the pile, higher and higher until a storm tilted it over the pile. Sounds of shattered glas was drowned by the howling wind.

Photo by Ulle Haddock©

Slowly nature wins and soon only the roofing tiles and the shattered glas remains. Remains of somebody’s dream. Why was it not built? What happened with the couple in front of the smiling salesman? There is a true story and I’m sure my father-law knows it. I would like you to use your imagination and fill in the missing piece in the story. Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section.

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  1. it’s a riveting scenario: if I come up with something overnight will let you know 🙂 the photos certainly, if you’ll excuse the pun, hammer home the scene 🙂

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