Master chef

My wife love to watch Master Chef on TV. I don’t know why because she rarely enters the kitchen. When the kids were small and I had to go away on a business trip the begged me, with tears in their eyes, to make lunch boxes. At one time I had to stay away for two full weeks. My wife then tried to do some cooking. She only managed to set off the fire alarm. From that day my, then nine year old, decided to do the cooking. She is a bit like the Swedish chef in the Muppet Show, if you remember that show. I can’t really understand what she say, and the kitchen is a mess. I suspect it is all an act, she is so much smarter than me.

Photo by Ulle Haddock©

Back to the Master Chef show. It started already in 1990 on BBC in UK, but has then been sold to over 40 countries. They broadcast some of them on Swedish TV. Master Chef UK, Canada, Australia, USA and Sweden. I sometimes sit down with my wife to watch but I get really stressed. The panicking music and the shouting, should be read with an Aussie accent “fouve minutes to goahh”! Start plating!

One thing that strikes me is the difference in the interaction between the contestants in the different countries. In Sweden it is very polite and tuned down. The critique from the judges is presented wrapped in cotton. I love Australian version, and the accent. The are all friends and “good on you, mate”. Really supportive and crying when somebody has to leave. The judges are still very sharp in their feedback, without putting anyone down. I like the Australian version best.

In the UK version the judges can give their feedback in a more blunt way. The contestants are very polite but the competitiveness shines through even if they keeping up appearances. The US version is really competitive and sometimes you wish they took away the participants knifes. It is much more back talking among the contestants. Much more about winning than developing to be able to become a professional.

They make all this fancy tiny plate dishes with strange names. Presenting them to the judges while the music builds up to a crescendo before the feedback comes. Relief or frustration, then a cut in scene with someone says they don’t want to go home. But, they miss their family! After the last cook down three wannabe chefs stands in a row to get the verdict while the background music is frantic. Builds up, builds up, wait for it, wait for it! Commercial break!

Back in the kitchen I do Swedish meatballs with spaghetti, semi-finished! I will never catch-up!

What about you, are you a Master Chef? Don’t forget to like subscribe and comment. Ha de Gött!


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  1. I have to admit that I am certainly not a Master Chef … but I can conjure up some goodies on the table.

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  2. I’m biased but I love the Aussie sense of humor: warm, compassionate —

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