Abandoned House

There in at the edge of the forest. Alone and neglected. Lawn mower locked in the outhouse for many years. Bushes and trees running wild in the garden. Dry paint falling off, leaving the wood open to the forces of nature. In dire need of attention.

Found this yesterday and I think it looks good in Black & White. It is still salvageable. The chimney looks fine and there is electricity, but I doubt if someone pay the bill. There is also an outhouse that I wrote of yesterday. Ha de Gött!


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  1. I bet this was an idyllic little retreat in its heyday!

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  2. it makes me think of the liveliness within, the music, the laughter, of the little house in its heyday: the children running around, a dog barking, smoke billowing out the chimney …..

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  3. Such a nice place, I think I could live there. The choice for B/W was a good one 🙂

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