What am I, but a drop in the ocean
Clustered together with others
Strong carry tons of steel
Together as one
Life, feeding a world
Glue to the chain of food
Flying high up in the sky
Momentum from wind and sun
Master basic states of physics
Cold Solid, tempered liquid, gaseous hot
What am I, but a drop in the ocean
Circle of life, life itself

Water, H2O, a chemical compound that covers 71% of the Earths surface. All living organism depend on it. We should treat it with the respect it deserves. Ha de Gött!


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  1. a great concept, Ulle, the circle of life: as you say, we are part of it, we should care for it even though we are a small part: is it a depressing or optimistic thought ??

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  2. Super poem Ulle. That important link between life and the ocean.

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  3. Nice words and great capture.

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