I took this picture trying to capture the very special light. Is this picture hopeful or frightening?

Sunlight piercing through the dark clouds. Blue skies shows like hope. A house stands firmly on the rock. Shelter against the howling wind. Beams of hopeful light shines on the boats safe on land. Shines in the glittering water, like a child laughter. Bright crest on the clouds like bird wings.

Thickening clouds cover the sun. Blue skies turn darker and darker. Shadows eating the light. The structure on the rocks turns to a scary fortress. Birds fly nervously to take shelter. Water shivers in the cold wind. Clouds turns into deeper gray like a cold November day.

Two ways of describing the same picture. Which one fits you today?


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  1. I am definitely in the hopeful camp Ulle.

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  2. Me too. Such a cool idea, interpreting the same photo two ways. It’s like a movie soundtrack – suggesting emotions.

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  3. I like the sunshiny one, Ulle; it’s the attitude I try to take with me each day; but the other paragraph is a good contrast, gives the whole thing balance 🙂

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  4. I always look on the bright side of life!

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