Small tortoiseshell (Aglais urticae) is one of the most common butterflies. It can be found all over Eurasia. This early spring moth survives the winter as a fully developed butterfly. It manage this by hibernating in sheltered places. Peoples housing is perfect and the survival rate is high with the help of leaking warmth. Even so it is rapidly declining in numbers.

Interesting name, butterfly. It is not very greasy but it can fly. Perhaps the male does some smooth talking when courting. Not only spreading its wings. In Swedish its called fjäril, a very gentle sounding word. For those of you that don’t speak Swedish I recommend to paste it into Google translate and listen. With my imagination it can be translated in “standoffish wind”.

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  1. It’s strange how most people love butterflies, but have an aversion to moths!

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  2. love the whimsy in this, Ulle: how you mix in humor with facts: it works 🙂

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