Calm and still water in the early spring morning. Sun has already started to warm the air. Birds singing in tree and bush. Calling for attention, a mate to pass on the DNA. Some has already laid eggs and the parents take turn to keep them warm.

Walking through the forest birds are singing but as I approach the water birds start to scream. Why do seabirds scream? The seagull couple nest out on the little islet in the bay. Safe from most predators but not all. Big commotion when a large herring gull tries to steal the eggs. The smaller seagulls loudly and fearlessly attacks the bigger birds.

After a few minutes calmness returns. I don’t know if the seagulls manage to salvage the eggs and scare the herring gulls off. I guess this was just one of many attempts for the day. With only 9°C in the water I decide not to take a swim.

Ha de Gött!


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  1. Great to see this calm water surface, I like the atmosphere in this picture. Nice shot !

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  2. a lovely vignette of the morning; and you were wise not to take a dip 🙂

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