Cuckoo Flower

Dear child has many names as the Swedish proverb goes. This little flower (Cardamine pratensis) must be loved in the English speaking world. I could find four, Cuckoo flower, Lady’s smock, Mayflower, or Milkmaids. In Swedish “Ängsbräsma”.

Cuckoo flower makes my imagination go, cuckoo. Referring of coarse to the film “One flew over the cuckoos’s nest” from 1975 with Jack Nicholson and directed by Milos Foreman. I quite often feel I would fit right in there, and I guess if you read by blogs you know what I mean.

Lady’s smock. Don’t know if I dare to go there. Moving along smartly to the Mayflower. Yes it starts to bloom in May so the name makes perfect sense but that’s no fun. Instead thinking of the famous ship that sailed from England to North America. Imagine the scene when they arrive and being greeted on the beach by John Wayne saying “Howdy, pilgrim”.

Milkmaids. Oh, the scene with milkmaids walk giggling over the field with buckets in their hands. Sun is shining from a clear blue sky, cows moo to be milked. Bee’s buzzing around the flowers and a cool breeze tangles the girls hair. The milk makes that special noise as it sprays to the bottom of the tin buckets. Giggling continues as they talk about this evenings dance and the boys there.

Well that’s another story. Ha de Gött!


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  1. I loved these whimsical ruminations, Ulle, set off by a flower 🙂

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  2. We call ik Pinksterbloem (translated in Pentcote flower) as it flowers around the time of Pentcote.
    Nice macro shots Ulle.

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  3. Lovely photo Ulle and what a great film that was!

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