Cow Vetch (Viacia cracca)

With the risk of becoming a flower photo blog I post another, flower. Can’t help myself, they are so beautiful. The camera lens is drawn to them as bees. So be it.

I’m also triggered by the investigation to find out the name. Like Sherlock Holmes I look for the clues and make deductions to find the answer. My Dr Watson, Mrs Haddock, also helps out (she’s pretty good at naming flowers but don’t tell her). When I fail I go to my Mrs Hudson, my mother-in-law, she’s like a Flora. One person missing in the gallery inspector Lestrade, that would probably be the actual Flora book.

There is probably an app available but that’s no fun. Ha de Gött!


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  1. Well done Mr Holmes!

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  2. And you take such beautiful photos.

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  3. beautiful photo, Ulle — and I love the bee reference ; very clever and humorous 🙂

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