Last month I got notice from WP that I had been blogging for a full year now. So it is probably time to write about, blogging.

My blog was originally about writing but has now evolved to my new found interest of photography. I think everybody involved in something creative experience blockage from time to time and so do I. Good thing I have many pictures to choose from. I would like to be able to do more writing but having a full time job makes it a challenge.

Interact with my fellow bloggers is what I like most. Not that I have become a “like” junkie. But it is quite pleasing to see that someone actually see what I put up. The hardest part is commenting on others blog posts. Especially poetry as it is quite new to me, even if I did lots of rhyme with my children. Some really poor puns too. Sometimes I refrain from a comment just because I’m afraid it would be misunderstood. After all English is not my native language and I speak better than I write. So sorry if I offended anybody with my deranged humor in any comment.

Other times I just don’t comment as I don’t have anything clever to say. I wonder if it is better to just make a, well done or good, comment. Can I do that with someone writing excellent poetry or take way better photos than me? What do you think?

I’d like to thank my WordPress community, no one mentioned, none forgotten, for helping me develop my creative side. Ha de Gött!


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  1. I’m retired Ulle, so I probably have a lot more time than you. Even so, some of my comments are very brief. When I post, I always appreciate comments, even brief ones. In a nutshell, keep doing what works for you my friend! 🙂

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  2. Hi Ulle, thanks for posting this. I am new to blogging so it is good to hear about your experience over a year.

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  3. I have the same wonderings. But like you, Ulle, I think most people are so glad to feel a connection with the community that all friendly comments are welcome. Sometimes a simple “I like that” is like a torch in the dark. I thoroughly enjoy your blog. An interesting mix of nature and reflection.. and beautiful photos!!

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  4. just discovered this post, Ulle; your comments are fine: they are honest, simply and clearly expressed; your gentle humor and puns are most welcome 🙂

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