Left picture taken with f/4.5 and right picture taken with f/9

The cherry tree in my garden is about ready to harvest. Thanks to the blog of Picpholio (check out his excellent blog here) I’d like to explore depth of field on this first mature cherry. Thee left picture is taken with less depth of field and the right is taken with more depth of field. You can slide the bar to see the difference. What do you think. Is one better than the other or is it just same, same but different?

So with this post I signal to my father-in-law that is about time to harvest. I can’t eat them. My stomach make wild protests for several days while my lips swells up in a Botox like way. Oh, great idea. Could be my last blog before I move to LA and go in to plastic surgery. Ha de Gött!


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  1. A good demonstration of depth of field.

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  2. Are there any cherries left for your neighbour?

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  3. Make me a cherry pie please Ulle, I’ll be over shortly! 😂

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