Yesterday morning I went for a walk in the forest to find some mushrooms. I decided to bring the camera. I was glad to see so many butterflies, but getting them to pose for the camera was quite a challenge. When they sit still on a flower to collect nectar with their proboscis they close their wings so you only see the backside. They open up to only to fly of. Patience needed but it is hard when the other insects in the forest take advantage of the situation and try to have a piece of you.

Trying to name the species prove to be even more difficult. There are almost 175 000 species identified all over the world. I think I’ve been able identify a Brimstone who refused to show its wings. Then the Small heath that was kind enough to spread its wings long enough for a picture. Also the Black-veined moth I think I nailed. If you know the name please leave a comment.

Spread your wings into the summer and ha de gött!


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  1. Nice photos Ulle! The one in flight is pretty cool.

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  2. you’ve done well to get these lovely butterfly photos, Ulle: you cannot say they are hungry for the limelight 🙂

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  3. Excellent work Ulle👍

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