What if

What if there were no name to places? All positioning was mathematically. Where do you live? Oh, I live at N58°, E11°.

Would all territorial wars end? Or would we just fight over squares.

What language would be? Or would we only communicate mathematically like computers. In ones and zeros, or hexadecimals.

How about our names? Just a series of numbers, date of birth and a serial number like our social security number. “Happy birthday dear 20210710-0001”.

If we only worked with numbers would all scores be settled?

Did you meet all your numbers? Yes, we had a large family dinner.

Marriage an addition, divorce a subtraction. Making children, multiplying. Would then giving birth be a division?

Genealogy just a matrix.

Sometimes my thoughts don’t add up, ha de Gött!


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  1. Wow! this is pretty heavy stuff, Ulle: my thoughts are: being human, we would fight territorial wars over numbers 😦

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  2. A great theory Ulle. It wouldn’t stop wars though, you will always have people willing to fight for a numerical advantage.😒

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  3. instead of gathering enmasse it would be onmaths

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