Yesterday I posted a picture of the Painted lady butterfly that has its Swedish name from the Thistle flower (Cirsium) (find it here). So today I must follow up with some pictures of this beautiful flower that most gardener’s hate. It is, by many considered a weed as it suffocates its surroundings with its leafs. You should wear thick gloves if you like to pick some. The whole plant is covered with thorns including the flower.

It is however well liked by insects that use its protection for breading, collecting nectar and hunting grounds. The Thistle is the national flower of Scotland and is therefore used in many symbols linked to Scotland. There is even a legend of a Viking stepping on a thistle and screamed so loud that the Scottish was alerted of the attack.

Don’t be a thorn in anyone’s side, ha de Gött!


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  1. They grow beautifully here in Australia too. Tough as tough. 🙂

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  2. Hated and combated by many people but very much loved by our insects. Who will beat each other ?

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  3. Super post Ulle. We have a different variety of thistle in our little garden, and they are always covered in bees.🙂

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  4. good story, Ulle, with your usual humorous twist and great photos 🙂

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