To get to my boat I have to walk through a field with cows. Close to the water there is a few meter with a very narrow passage with rock on one side and a wetland on the other. As I came around a corner I found myself face to mule with the cows. First I wasn’t sure how the bull would react, you see him in the middle, but he’s a very kind fellow. They like to eat from the reed as it apparently has a sweet taste. Guess the cows has a sharp tongue and take no bullshit.

They let me take some nice photos and I could make my way trough the flock to the boat. I just told them “well now, this path isn’t wide enough for all of us”. Not only a blogger but also a cowboy, yiihaa, ha de gött!


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  1. The cows look very curious! Probably they wonder what you are doing on their path.

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  2. What a lovely story! I do love cows. Their eyes are so gentle in those great big heads. You feel soaked up in the brownness of them. And such a journey to find your boat. The photos are so green!

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  3. love the photos and love that wicked sense oh humor 🙂 yii-ha !

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  4. A good advice: keep good friends with these cows… you will meet them again 🙂

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  5. I have never met a cowblogger before! 🙂

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