Oat (Avena sativa) is a widely cultivated grain where the seeds are used for both human and livestock food. The Swedish name is “Havre”. The oat fields are now turning yellow as the plant matures in the late summer sun. In just a few weeks it is time for harvest. This annual plant grows best in the temperate zones.

I have a condition called “Celiac disease”, commonly referred to as “gluten intolerance”. I cannot eat anything made from grains like rye, wheat or barley with oat being the exception. Oat meal does not contain any of the gluten protein that triggers the disease. So you can understand that I like oat. NOTE! For it to be safe for a coeliac to eat any product based on oats it needs to be produced with special care and be marked gluten free. It’s NOT safe to eat regular oat products!!

Don’t worry there are some gluten free beer available, ha de Gött!


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  1. Thanks for sharing Ulle. i never knew that people with Celiac disease could eat oats. Interesting.

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  2. Perfect summer reverie!

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  3. That is interesting, Ulle! My mother is a coeliac. In Australia the Coeliac society recommends Coeliacs don’t eat oats. But, from recipes on the internet, I knew you could get “gluten free” oats in the US. I think it must be the machines the oats here are packaged on.

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  4. thanks for that information, Ulle: Gluten free products are widely available in Australia; it is good to hear that gluten free beer is available 🙂

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