At exactly seven o’clock the first Monday in September after the 20:th, a splashing sound symphony starts. In the first light of dawn the small boats circling each other to get the best positioning. Cheerful morning greetings are passed by those with the best spots. Grunting replies by those that just drifted a bit too far out of course. With a splash the cage goes in the water. The skill is to gently drag the cage in position on an underwater rock shelf, preferably in front of the lobster nest.

The yearly Lobster fishing season has started. This delicacy from the underwater rocks is on the most wanted list for many recreational fishermen. Yepp, that’s true mostly men. In the past the lobster has been over fished and to keep the population at a viable level there are some restrictions to follow. The shield needs to be at minimum nine centimeters and if a female specimen carries spawn it goes back in the sea. A maximum of six cages per person, that needs to be present in the boat.

The first lobster sold at the fish auction in Göteborg this morning costed 77 000 Swedish Krona, in euros €7 500.

Ha de Gött, we will, got two so far!


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  1. How much! I have never eaten lobster. The way they kill them puts me off. 😒

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  2. I’m with Hobbo on the killing/eating thing. We eat very little fish because Mr Worms is a Scuba Diver and has seen the gradual decline of sealife in our waters. And I was put off anyway, when we went salmon fishing when I was a little girl. I was totally traumatised by the fish hopping on the bank with the hook in its mouth. Mind you, pretty sure if I saw any animal being killed I would stop eating it. And that’s why I should stop eating meat!!

    But, on a different note, in Australia, the first box of Cherries is auctioned off in a similar way to your first lobster. I believe the money goes to charity.

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    • I hate the part of killing any animal but if I can’t kill it I shouldn’t eat it. Growing up in a farm in the coast you see the circle of life up close. Humans are predators but we should never take more than we need.


      • Yes. We city folk live with blinkers on in our supermarkets. I was just listening to a young Dutch woman being interviewed who moved to NZ (,her husband is from there) and they decided to try living in the wild. She had been vegetarian all her life but she learned to hunt possums and goats with a bow and arrow. I respect that. They used the whole animal.

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  3. I’ve only had lobster a few times and that was before I read David Foster Wallace’s ‘Consider the Lobster’, the searing essay he had published ironically in ‘Gourmet ‘ magazine in 2004; it is online for those who DARE to read it —

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