Alone on the beach the little Herring Gull chick. Limping on his injured leg. Deserted by his parents and kind. Looking back with fear in the eyes. To young or scared to make any sound. Unable to open its wings and fly to safety. Little Herring Gull chick stuck in the open field.

I took this picture some weeks ago walking to the boat. First I was glad I could get so close and take a picture without my zoom lens. Then I realized it was a Herring Gull chick that was hurt. Clearly the parents had given up on it as there was no gulls in the air shouting and attacking me. An hour later when I came back a couple of feathers moving in the wind revealed that nature’s taken its course.

Sometimes mother nature is harsh, ha de Gött!


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  1. Nature has to be cruel sometimes. 😒

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  2. So sad. But I suppose inevitable. 😦

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  3. a sad tale, beautifully told —

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