Near and Far

So mysterious it sits there in the night sky. Sunbathing, casting just a glimpse of light in the dark. So near, so far.

Poetry, songs, stories, horror, hope, longing, envy. Mind provoking since ancient times. Guiding travelers across land and sea, a friend.

Like a cheese full of holes. Knocked about and bombarded by the universe. Hide and seek in twenty eight day cycles.

Howl at the moon, it’s good for you (but not for the neighbors), ha de Gött!


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  1. Beautiful, and only 250,000 miles away. I’ve owned cars that have done that! 😂

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  2. A lovely summing up of our relationship with the moon. I especially like how you say it’s sunbathing and the line “Hide and seek in a 28 day cycle.” I might go outside and howl right now.

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