Family affair

One of the things I love with autumn is all the mushrooms that popps up among the falling leafs. You can pass the same spot one day and the next day they suddenly appear. A few days later they are gone again. They seem to like growing close together, even crowded. The variation in structure and colorfulness is comparable to the spring flowers.

The root system is quite complicated and symbiosis with the forest. A forest with fungus is a healthy forest. Up to 80% of the plants in the forest benefit in growth from the presens of fungi in the ground.

Ha de Gött!


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  1. A realy nice shot Ulle, my compliments. Have a nice evening and many greets.

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  2. A family of Yorksher people out for a stroll in their flat caps. What a lovely photo! 😂

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  3. wonderful photo; you must read Sylvia Plath’s poem on ‘Mushrooms’; I think every student has encountered it in high school, at least in the English speaking world “/:)

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