The power of nature becomes evident in a waterfall. The roaring mixes with rippling sound as the water goes over the edge. You can smell the moisture that fills the air all around, feel it in your face. The fascinating swirling of water drops as they are tossed up and falling back on the way down.

I took these pictures on my Sunday trip to Älgafallet, or Elgåfossen that is its Norwegian name. Translates to “Fall of the Moose”. The border between Norway and Sweden is in the middle of the river and the 46 meter drop waterfall. So, yes I was abroad for the first time since Covid. I’ve been working with different shutter speeds to try and capture the force of the water.

Remember we spend our first nine months in water, be careful with it. Ha de Gött!


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  1. Terrific pictures Ulle. You have captured the force of the water. 🙂

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  2. Specatcular waterfall, I can almost feel the force of the water. Nice shots of te moving waterstream.

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  3. Fabulous photos and I love your description too.

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