The turquoise bridge reflecting in the calm water of Enningdalsälven, the Enningdal river. Just a kilometre downstream is the waterfall from my post earlier this week, find it here. The medium size river flows to the north, one of the few in Scandinavia. The nature is fantastic, I’ll be back, to quote Arnold.

The 95 year old bridge was built in Göteborg 1926 by Götaverken. Götaverken is most known for ship construction in the Harbor of Göteborg, but also constructed heavy steal constructions around the world. The steal construction is painted in a green turquoise color and held together with rivets. It’s a narrow bridge where the carriageway is made from wooden planks.

Try to stay on the straight and narrow, ha de Gött!


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  1. Nice contruction and well photographed.

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  2. magnificent ! love yr motto too 🙂

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  3. There’s something romantic about old bridges. Does the wood move as you drive over it and make the bolts sing tunes?

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