The Spell

Which witch thought the toughest thought. With her wand cast a spell over the writer so he could no longer spell. Did he steal the steel! Some words are just to alike. Sounds alike but spells differently. A challenge for school kids and foreigners.

Yesterday I accidentally accused Götaverken for criminal activities. Of coarse they did not steal constructions, the made STEEL constructions. Ships, bridges and lock gates. They went out of business 2015 but I hope no former employee was offended. My father was actually one of them in the 1970:ties.

Sometimes I wonder if there is an academy of sorcerers and witches sitting there in a dark chamber deciding spelling and spells. Can you hear the laughter when they decide how to spell wit and with. How they choke for air and slapping themselves on their knees when someone throws in whit also. What a marvelous stew in the kettle of books!

Of and away with, wit, whit my broom, he he he he, ha de Gött!


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  1. LOL Which witch laughed loudest?

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