Overcast day

November is a challenge for the photographer. I set out on my bike in bright sunlight and moderate wind. I was set on exploring an area I drive pass every day but never visited. Once I got there the rain clouds appeared at the horizon, so the light conditions became, putting in mildly, tricky. The weather gods sitting there with the light switch, off, on, off, on. That is until they discovered the dimmer function. Don’t know if it was the seagulls laughing at me, or the gods. When I reached the top of the cliff they turn the lights out and hit me with a rain shower.

Just remember you can always slide downhill, ha de Gött!


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  1. Well, I still think the shots have a moodiness to them. 🙂

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  2. Two lovely shots. In the first photo, the rock reminded me of a snoozing walrus. 😂

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  3. Great location. I generally prefer photographing in overcast conditions with less contrast.

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  4. love the humor in this and the metaphor of the gods playing with the light switch; and the wonderful humor in the moral at the end 🙂

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